everything has a rythm. a rythm of birth and death, of every single heartbeat and it’s consequence. all the work mika does, plays, feels and thinks is feeded by this simple perception. mika is the drummer who makes you dance and cry at the same time. mika is the artist, who can change your live. this approach is reflected in mikas biography. born in the late eighties in east berlin mika grew up in a constantly changing surrounding. the big era of electronic musik, the golden times of hip hop, punk and grunge in the 90’s till the beginnig 2000’s in berlin were the fields mika grew up.

today mika is not just known as a versatile drummer who supports other artist from different genres like singer/songwriter, pop, rock, hip hop, electro and jazz. but mainly for their own live-electro dance project elephnk.

elephnk startet as a mixture of drum’n’bass, afrobeats and trip-hop. now these influences begin to blend and to bleed into each other and elephunk turns into something bigger than it’s pieces. something genuine from berlin. and it’s said it has the strongest basslines berlin has to offer rightnow. the elephnk show is run by mika and supported by guest musicians and a band of percussion and synthesisers. it is a performance of musicians communicating live on stage. and they take it serious to make everyone dance and to turn the show into a wild, a hard and overwelming experience.