Proud To Play For This Guy

as mentioned earlier it’s always something special for me to play with Lean Bravo but these recordings where a big surprise for me. we did them in a single afternoon at leans studio and i was blown away as i saw this result. 

i love it and i hope you will too. 

also thanks a lot to the team of Garden Tree Discover for the time and effort they where putting into the  recording and Janine Villforth for lending her inspiring voice. 

Berlin Music Awards 2015 The Battles

with Lean Bravo it seems like it speeds up. some days ago we were invited to participate in the battles for Berlin Music Awards. so we went to their studios to audio and video record three of Lean’s tracks live in one shot.

i’m exited how it will go on the next weeks and keep you updated about any news.

It’s Done. The Trinity EP Is Banned On Tape

we made the recording for my upcoming EP Trinity at Stephanus Church.

of course it’s not a super simple task to record three tracks live with a whole band and on top recording a video. but if you have the right mixure of people it’s possible. and not just getting it done but having a lot of fun at thhe same time.
the place was really intense and the acoustic was incredibble. and the spot created a special atmosphere we just had to fill with music. so we did.
we where setting up the instruments in the center in a circle, preparing them with mics and building a whole audio recording setup around. we also brought a lot of lights to illuminate the place for videos and photos.

finally i want to name the the people i really have to thank for this day. they’ve been so supportive and giving so much into it. they made it possible at the end of the day. and i’m glad it just worked with all these people and we made it.  also thanks to all the helping hands who came to support us and the audience to make it a real live experience. you made it all so precious.

Sonja Riepl – vocals, microKORG

Hubrist – ableton & midi fighter tools

Sam Flowes – moog voyager

Chris Schmelzer & Ioka – audio recording

Asja Trost – video recording

Tanya Davidow – photos

Lena Schultheiss – management

Pia – driver & catering

Claudia Niemann & Stephanus Kirche Wedding

next steps are mixing and mastering by Chris Schmelzer too. and so i will have some time to think about where, when and in which way i gonna release the Trinity EP.

you want to stay informed about the release date and everything about the recording? get in touch via twitter, newsletter or rss feed.

The Place We Gonna Record

today i was visiting the Stephanus Church in Berlin Wedding with the producer Chris Schmelzer,  who will make the recording next monday.

the feeling at the place was intense and the architecture of the place has a lot of strength.

making an ep at such a location is something special and i’m looking forward how the drums will sound on the record.

learn more about the ep Time To Make A Record

time to make a record

for a while it has been quiet about my soloproject elephnk, i know. people where asking me, when does it go on, where can i buy a record, what’s gonna happen next and what are your plans for the future. and i hadto say, well i need some more time, there is a lot to figure out still amd it doesn’t take the path i want it to. my dream was to form a band and turn elephnk into a electronic live funk band on crack!

now it’s getting real. i found a great team of incredible artists ready to push the whole thing to the next level.

it will take place in the beginning of august in berlin at this amaizingly huge and beautiful church Stephanus Kirche

we will build a stage into the center, a extraordinary live recording setup and a filmset on top. then it’s actually just on us, the band, to perform well and get it banned on tape. 

you want to be involved into it the project? just write an e-mail to your name will appear on the record and film and i will send you the recording before it’s official release.  

and if you want to stay informed just follow me on twitter @MIKAtheELEPHANT

Mit dem Rechner auf der Bühne – Musotalk

diesmal war es nerdig, manchmal etwas hitziger und vor allem hat sich wieder gezeigt, dass es nicht den einen weg gibt und sich am ehesten wohl alle darin einig sind, dass sie sich nicht einig sind.

hier gibt es mehr von MusoTalk

und wenn du mehr zum thema wissen möchtest, oder dir eine frage unter den nägeln brennt, dann schreib mir doch am besten auf twitter unter @MIKAtheELEPHANT

Live Recording with Lean Bravo

this past weekend was a mess, i swear. and it was gorgeous.

today i really took me a little to recover. but after waching some photos later the whole experience came back in it’s intensity and i love it.

before build up
the place before building up at 9am

actually the weekend startet saturday early morning with the last preparations at home. you know like these litte routines you do right before something big starts. so i did. eating my cerials, drinking my espresso, packing my clothes, gear and tools and making a lot of check marks on a long list.

drums build up
after an hour of organizing and a coffee at least the drums are done

The goal was clear. making some great audio and video recordings on sunday. right just one day. actually not much headrome for failure.

to make it short, we had to play an other show the night before and the response of the people just gave us some extra power for the recording.

ready to record
and 15:00 at 3pm soundcheck done and ready to record

we were setting up tons of gear in a warehouse to produce this unique feeling you can only have when you record the whole band together inone room.

that we had a whole film crew on top to film these recording made it even more fun.

i just had a chance to listen to the recorded material and what can i say. it’s just incredibble. a great sound we made in just a few takes with 7 musicians in one room.

this was a day i will remember for a while i guess.
after mixing and cutting i hope the final video will be onlin in about some weeks. so keep your eyes open.

check lean at